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Choosing the appropriate keywords is of paramount importance - this cannot be over stressed. Having your Website tailored to an inappropriate keyword is not only a complete waste of time and money, but clutters your site with inappropriate pages. Choose your keyword CAREFULLY.

On first instinct, you may think a single broad word would be best, like the first listing under "mortgage" or "store". This is a common misconception and a bad choice because all search engines recommend multiple keyword searches and most users perform multiple keyword searches. That means that if you were in the #1 ranking for the single search keyword "mortgage" and the user searched for "home mortgage" you would have only a 50% search match and unlikely appear anywhere in the first 3 pages. Therefore, choosing more exact multiple keywords will generally target your audience better.

If you are unsure about appropriate 2-3 word keywords, try using the "Similar Searches" option now being offered by a variety of search engines. This feature, likely to appear in all search engines in the future, can help you narrow down your keywords. Go to Infoseek, AltaVista, HotBot, or Excite, search for "yourkeyword" and see what "Similar Searches" keywords appear.

Bay State Internet Services can do a complete search engine market analysis for you and determine which keywords are most frequently used during a browser search and which keywords would be most appropriate to your business. If you are serious about undertaking a search engine marketing approach, this service is essential.

For a nominal fee, we will perform a complete market analysis on 3 chosen single-word keywords on a major search engine (generally altavista). You will be provided a complete written report on all keywords and combinations searches performed within the last 30 days. This service, as well as analysis of the results, is free when you sign-up for one of our Search Engine Marketing Plans.

How important can this service be? A recent analysis of keywords for a concrete repair company found that in the last 30-days, 298 individuals searched using the term "concrete repair". In contrast, only 129 searches were made looking for "concrete repairs" (repair vs. repairs). Additionally, analysis showed that there were 4,009 websites (your competition) with the term "concrete repairs", while there were only 2,232 websites with the term "concrete repair". In summary, twice as many people search using the term "concrete repair" as compared to "concrete repairs", and there are half as many websites having the term "concrete repair" as compared to "concrete repairs". In other words, "concrete repair" is used twice as much by consumers and half as much by your competitors. Which keywords would you choose?

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