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Great Value Web hosting customers have never been more demanding. You need speed. You need performance. You need complete reliability. That's why Bay State Internet Services has combined the best hardware, latest software and the most reliable network components to deliver the services you need. Whether you want to park a domain, host a family web site, run a complete E-Business storefront or host a live broadcast with millions of hits - choosing Bay State Internet Services as your Internet partner will be the wisest choice you make.

Unix HostingUnix Hosting. All of our servers are Unix, running a customized version of Red Hat Linux. Although we do offer Windows hosting, no operating system can touch the speed, reliability and the feature list that Unix has. With over 150 different pre-installed features Unix is the choice operating system for 8 out of 10 web hosting clients. Offering streaming audio & video, unlimited email accounts, PGP, secure server ssl access, Miva Empresa, and total account management using our exclusive MonsterControls system are just a few of the hundreds of features each Unix account comes with. Learn more about Unix vs Windows HERE

All of our servers are housed in our secure Houston data center with very restricted access 24 hours a day. Our data center is equipped to house all types of servers and provides services that range from shared web hosting, dedicated servers, co-location and private data suites. With individual UPS devices and diesel generators on stand-by, major power failures will not interupt your service. All of our clients receive complimentary daily tape backup of all of their web site data. We want to make sure that in case of data corruption or loss we can restore your files quickly and effortlessly. Take a tour of our Data Center.Takea  Tour of our facility

Our Standard hosting package offers features generally found only with advanced premium-gold-platinum type plans of other companies. Just some of our features included are:
bullet 1 GB Disk Storage Space
bullet 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
bullet Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
bullet Personal SMTP Email Server
bullet Unlimited Email Forwarding
bullet Unlimited Email Autoresponders
bullet Unlimited Mailing Lists
bullet Secure Server (SSL) transactions
bullet PHP with GD support
bullet Full access CGI Bin
bullet Over 20 preinstalled scripts
bullet Email Tech Support
bullet Chat Room Tech Support
bullet 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
bullet MORE
All for only $25.00 per month!

See our on-line manual for a complete description of features

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Custom Hosting to suit your needs
If you need a custom hosting package that offers you more than our Standard Hosting Package, we can help you achieve the products and services you need. From simple a simple image hosting plans, to mail-servers, to full dedicated unix and windows-based servers, we have the products and services you need to succeed. Just to name a few, we have:

Up to 30 Gig storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Majordomo Lists
Unlimited Telnet & FTP Accounts
Dedicated Servers
Adult Servers
Enterprise Hosting

Contact us with the details of your needs

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