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While almost hard to believe, all that "junk mail" you receive, commonly known as "spam" is a proven effective means of advertisement. It is rated the third most effective method of advertising, it is low cost, and easy to do.

Bay State Internet Services does not condone, support, or otherwise engage in any form of spamming.

However, there is a "legal" and appropriate way of creating email lists and advertising, with firm guidelines established by servers. The most effective way is to invite the visitor to sign-up on your mailing list to receive information about new products, special offerings, newsletters, whatever. If someone volunteers their email address for the purpose of soliciting information from you, then it is acceptable to email such information.

Bay State Internet Services will set-up an email compiler for you, so that you can personally send email advertisement to your visitors, or you can arrange to have the entire advertisement campaign managed by us.

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