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It is very difficult to obtain an exact final price on the design and development of a website. Unfortunately, they almost always cost more than originally expected.

Building a website is very similar to building a house, with the added complication of having it built while the architectural plans are being drawn. Undoubtedly, while the site is being assembled, you will decide on features, graphics, and other parameters that were not originally considered. Additionally, few have a clear laid-out website plan, or design in mind (a detailed architectural plan) prior to its development. Rather, most will rely heavily on the advice of our developers for not only graphic images, but text as well. Many of our clients simply request "what do you guys suggest", with absolutely no ideas of their own.

Without a clear laid-out plan and without Bay State Internet Services or its client knowing what the website will ultimately entail, it is near impossible to predict a final cost. Website plans, including our own, are rather limited and invariably are exceeded by most. Nevertheless, the pricing provided below should at least give you some ideas about the cost and what to expect.

For the small business, we also offer a variety of payment options to suit your budget and needs. Contact us about our many payment plans: we will work with you to provide the services and products you need within an affordable payment program.

Standard ChargesPrice
Design and development of home page and theme for entire site, up to 500 words of text, 3 scanned graphics, and navigation bar$400.00
Each secondary page (using same theme as above) including up to 500 words of text and 3 scanned graphics. $225.00
Website Packages
Complete basic site including home page, 4 secondary pages, text navigation bar on each page, and up to 4 additional graphics or graphic buttons, 6 internal or external links. $1,300.00
Complete intermediate site including home page, 11 secondary pages with navigation bars on each page, up to 10 additional graphics or graphic buttons, 14 internal or external links. $3,000.00

Additional scanned graphics$10.00
Additional internal or external links$5.00
Hit Counter (perl or java)$50.00
Basic form (up to 6 items), including exit page, auto-email reply $75.00
Intermediate form (up to 12 items) $125.00
Advanced form (over 12 items) quote
Music or sound (basic) $50.00
Simple Animated Graphics$25.00
Advanced Animated Graphicsquote
Graphic button with roll-over$25.00
Flash animation (movies, graphics, banners, etc.)quote
Custom Java or Perl Scripts quote
Logo Design/re-design$250.00
Feature Integration - Integrating within your site chat rooms, discussion lists, guest books, reader polls, on-line quizzes, etc. quote
Professional Copywriting - We will have one of our professional copywriters edit your text for grammar, spelling and punctuation. They will make all necessary changes for you. Per Page.$50.00
Install and configure banner rotation system $200.00
Install and configure mail list system - This allows you to collect your customer's email addresses through a web form and add them to a list for bulk-emailing. This can give you a quick and easy way to notify your audience of new products or news. $225.00
Configure password-protected areas including password management system.$400.00
Complete site revisions. Per page$50.00
Monthly maintenance contract. We will maintain and/or update your web site for up to 1 hour per month. These updates include changing text, prices, fonts and colors graphics and copyrighting. Per month. $20.00
Set up shopping cart (includes item selection, shipping info, credit card info., invoice totalling and order confirmation, setting up secure server, etc.). Does not include shopping cart items. $500.00
Adding items to a shopping cart (does not include image scanning)$10.00
Custom Design Work (hourly) quote
Custom cgi-perl, PHP, mySQL, and other scriptingquote
All other services and featuresquote

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