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References & Examples
While we have hundreds of websites that we have designed and host, we offer below a few select reference and examples.

National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors :

Written predominately in php and running 7 mySQL databases, this site contains 128 primary php scripts, 76 HTML files, 382 images, 10 cgi scripts, 3 flash movies, 4 java applets, 43 javascripts, 9 css files, and 7 secure forms. There are an additional 226 php scripts performing background functions, 59 pdf files, 62 zip files, in addition to many txt, csv, and other files associated with the performance of this website.

Pioneer Basement Systems :

Written predominately in classic HTML programming, this site contains 76 primary HTML files, 8 cgi scripts, 10 forms, 7 flash movies, 8 java applets, 23 javascripts, and 153 images. An additional 153 php scripts and 214 images supports background performance on this site.

Winslow Farm :

Written predominately in php and running 2 databases, this site contains 20 primary php scripts (with 24 supporting php scripts), 13 HTML files, 113 images, 2 cgi scripts and 11 javasctipts. In addition, the photo section of the site is controled by 94 php scripts and 53 images, and the stories section is supported with 153 php scripts and 214 images.

Mountain Valley Mortgage :

This site written in php and running a single database, contains 52 primary php scripts supported by 88 HTML files, 254 images, 2 flash movies, and 6 secure forms. Secondary supporting files include 182 php scripts, 214 images, and 75 javascripts.

The Basement Depot :

This complex site is completely php driven and operates in real-time. It contains 19 databases holding 313 individual tables. The primary display is supported by 210 php scripts, 116 javascripts, 73 HTML files, 136 images, 2 flash movies, and 11 forms. Secondary scripting includes 58 php scripts controlling the knowledgebase, 39 php scripts associated with the live-chat, 31 php scripts controlling the mailing list, 92 php scripts for the consumer reviews, 15 php scripts for the site search, and 30 php scripts associatd with the sweepstakes. Secondary scripts are supported with 166 images and hundreds of javascripts and tpl templates. In addition, the photo gallery contains 94 php scripts and 71 images; the Basement Talk contains 182 php scripts and 214 images; the Top Basement Websites contains 53 php scripts and 48 images; and the complex shopping cart is composed on 543 php scripts and 110 images.

A.M. Shield Corporation :

Written in php, this small site contains 6 php files, 90 images, 2 java applets, and 11 javascripts. The photo gallery, which is browser interfaced, is controlled with an additional 88 php scripts and 30 images.

Wood's Heating Service :

This site is written in classical HTML format and contains 38 HTML pages, 2 flash movies, 8 forms (2 secure), 252 images, 2 java applets, 14 javascripts, and 1 cgi script.

Fortress Stabilization Systems :

Written in php, this site contains 124 primary php scripts, 368 images, 18 pdf files, 22 HTML pages, 34 css files, 3 videos, 3 complex mail forms, and 2 flash movies. In addition, there are 16 custom php scripts controlling a password-protected engineering section, 26 php scripts associated with dynamic news content, and 14 scripts associated with the internal site search.

Grate Products :

Written in php, this site is dividing into consumer and dealer sections. The consumer section contains 59 php scripts, 112 images, 2 flash movies, 3 html pages, and 3 videos. The dealer section is controlled by 13 php scripts and a mysql database and is unique to the individual user, offering a unique interface and experience. Controlled by 40 php scripts and 30 images, the dealer only sees and experiences information unique to them and are able to modify their own personal information. The dealer section, for maximum security, is controlled on a page rather than folder basis. All information is editable through an administrative interface composed of 16 php scripts interfacing with databases.

Basement Questions : -

Written in php, this site contains over 138 php scripts, 120 images, 4 css files, 2 flash movies, 6 js files, 4 complex forms, and a host of other scripts that control specific sections of the website. The tip of the day (which changes on each refresh or visit) is controlled by 3 php scripts and 52 txt files. Everything related to sponsor activity is monitored and database stored, controlled and onitored by 53 php scripts and 3 individual databases. All information is editable through an administrative interface composed of 29 php scripts interfacing with databases. In addition, this site is completely integrated with its sister site ( in which all data and databases are shared.

Advanced Basement Products :

Under Construction

Race Safety Innovations :

Under Construction

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