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Bay State Internet Services provides a host of computer services to the homeowner and businesses. Most of these services are available for your convenience at your location or your system may be dropped off for examination by our in-house staff. Contact Us for further details.

Data Recovery Tips
System or Hard Drive Crash? A malicious employee formatted your hard drive? Or by some other unfortunate incident you have lost all your data on your computer? Not to worry! Bay State Internet Services has the latest recovery software and expert technical know-how to recovery all your lost information and files.

If you have experienced a data loss crisis, Bay State Internet Services provides leading data recovery services. With its free evaluation and a "no data, no charge" data recovery policy, you have everything to gain. Contact Us to begin your data recovery process now.

Up to 80 Gig IDE Hard Drive
DOS/Win3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP drives only

Crash Recovery Tips
Windows Problems? If you have experienced a system crash (in other words, you can't start your operating system), do not worry. These are usually simple problems that can be easily resolved. Your data files are usually still intact and still on your hard drive safe and sound.

These are the most common Windows problems we encounter and we have dealt with hundreds of these cases. Follow our tips and if that does not solve your problem, Contact Us and we will try to resolve your problem over the phone. If that does not work, we can usually fix your operating system in a few hours either in-house or on your premise.

Give us a Call at 870-746-5261 for further details or Contact Us by other means.

Windows Revitalization. Is your computer acting sluggish? Freezing? Or just not as fast as you remember it? This is caused by corruptions in the Windows Operating System.

Bay State Internet Services can revitalize your computer and have it operating like the "good-old-days". Allow our technicians to come in and clean up your Operating System and get those system resources back up to 80% or better at start-up. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with the results!

Contact Us

Tired of fighting your computer? Tired of low productivity because you just can't figure out how to operate your new computer or certain software? Want to take advantage of the advanced features of some of Microsoft's product line?

Bay State Internet Services offers personal 1-on-1 computer instruction, allowing you to learn what you want to learn at your pace. Reasonably priced, there instructions save you time and money so you don't have to try to figure it all out on your own.

Upgrading to a newer version of Windows is not always as easy as putting a CD into your CD-ROM and clicking upgrade. Microsoft acknowledges that the Windows Operating System gets corrupted after only about 1-year of moderate use. This corruption is compounded if a lot of programs have been added/deleted during this time period. These corruptions are maintained in the new upgrade version.

Want to upgrade your operating system? Concerned about problems you might encounter, particularly going from Win98 or WinME to Windows XP? We can professionally upgrade your operating system and effectively deal with any hardware, software, and BIOS issues that may arise. We will also remove major corruptions in your current operating system so that they do not get transferred to your new system, or we can do a clean install with reinstallation of all your software and making sure all your data is back in the right place.

The hassle-free way of system upgrading.

Interested in a new computer? Want to upgrade your existing system? Want more than a "run of the mill" or "off the shelf" system like Dell, GateWay, or Compaq? Have your computer built or upgraded by Bay State Internet Services.

Are we cheap? Will you save money? The answer to both of those is probably "No". Could we save you money? The answer to that is Yes, but we won't. We offer quality products at very competitive rates and do not produce low end computer systems using unknown generic parts. What you will get from Bay State Internet Services is a superior product for the same price as an "off the shelf" model.

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